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Frequently asked questions

What are mekos?

Mekos are a form of currency for Miki. You can gain mekos by typing >daily and when your guild is beating its rival, you can use >guildweekly. Another source of mekos is from people giving them to you by typing >give <User> <number>. You can buy marriage slots with mekos by doing >buymarriageslot and saying yes to confirm. Also, you can gamble mekos with >slots, >flip, >rps and >blackjack.

How do I make Miki mention people in greetings?

Just use -um as a placeholder in your greeting message to mention the user when they join. Example: >setwelcomemessage -um, welcome to the server! will yield @User, welcome to the server!.

What are the achievements and how do I get them?

Achievements are given to the user when they accomplish a certain task such as using a specific command. You can find the list of achievements in the Achievements module tab of the wiki.

Is there a way to see all of Miki's commands?

Type >help to be Direct Messaged the list of commands. Type >help <command> for specific command tips. Also, you can use this Wiki.

How do I gain experience and levels?

When a user sends a message, Miki grants experience based on a few factors. If the message is sent swiftly after another, Miki won't grant any experience. (No spamming, m'kay?)

How do you disable a command?

You can control command usage through >permissions. In order to disable a command, you need to type >permissions deny <command name> <arguments> For example, typing >permissions deny hug channel NoHugs will deny the >hug command to the #NoHugs channel. For more information regarding the Permissions system, read this article.

Miki isn't responding, what can I do?

There are many possible reasons why Miki isn't "responding":

  • Check if Miki has Send Messages, Read Messages and Embed Links permissions for the channel.
    • Note that channel permissions override (have priority over) role permissions.
  • The prefix may have been changed and you can check by doing miki.prefix which will reveal Miki's current prefix.
    • miki. is Miki's hidden unchangeable prefix in case you forget your prefix.
  • If these options don't work, it is recommended you go and ask in our Discord support server.

How can I turn off level up notifications?

Simply type >setnotifications LevelUps None to disable level up notifications for the channel the command was used in. If you want to disable notifications server-wide, type >setnotifications LevelUps None -g.

How do I divorce someone when they're not in my server anymore?

Type >divorce to see the position of everyone that is married to you. Then, type >divorce <number> where the number is the position of who you want to divorce.

The name on my profile isn't the same as my username; what do I do?

You just type >syncname to update your username to the database.

Why are the NSFW commands like >gelbooru not working?

NSFW commands only work on NSFW channels. Simply go to channel settings and toggle on "NSFW Channel" in the Overview tab.


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