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General module

This module contains most of the commands, mainly those people that would like to have in every server belongs here.

Command and Syntax Description Usage
/avatar [User] Displays your avatar or the another user's avatar. /avatar, /avatar @xRappy
/calc <expression> Helps you calculate a certain mathematical expression /calc (6+2)*3
/changelog Shows what changed last Miki patch /changelog
/donate Donate command will provide you donation info /donate
/help [command] Help command gives you list of modules along with its respective commands that you have permission to use. /help
/info Shows info about the bot /info
/invite Miki will Direct Message you a bot invitation link. /invite
/ping Shows Miki's ping to the server. /ping
/stats Displays statistics about Miki's runtime /stats

Wed Jul 01 2020

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